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Digital Electrum series. Including WIPs

My new series is dedicated to the cycles in the world's development. It consists of three audiovisual artworks. Each sculpture was created in VR.

This series is completely digital but in 2018 I participated in the exhibition at Kyiv Arsenal with physical project which echoes the given. The physical exhibits consisted of work tools embedded in amber-shaped epoxy. The sculptures were exhibited on shovels. I can say that this physical trio was a parent project for the "Digital Electrum" presented in the form of NFT.

'Digital Electrum'

Description: Each era is interesting and unique. We can learn about them from the tips that survive to this day. Amber is one of the natural means of preserving objects of the past. At the same time, both the substance itself and the "message" that is hidden inside are precious. The ancient Greeks called amber Electrum.

In recent years, an increasing part of our life and everyday activity has been transferred to the digital world. There are "excavations" of old web projects and old records.

Smart contracts and NTF can be represented in the form of digital amber, which envelops information and stores it for years to come. Future generations will be able to touch our world and worldview through these jewels. We will continue to exist in the digital world even after we leave the physical world. This series is about the importance and value of technology development for inspiration and conservation.

Digital sculpture created in VR

Sound by olay.ana

1920x1920 px

by Yalo


Episode 01 WIP and fragments

Episode 02 WIP and fragments

Episode 03 WIP and fragments

See NFTs:

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